What kind of job is sales staff? What is different from general affairs?

When you are looking for jobs in clerical work, I think that you have seen the description of sales office and general affairs. What is the content of concrete work of sales office and general affairs and what is the difference? I will explain the contents of these two types of jobs that seem to be similar and have different meanings.


sales staff

What is the job description of sales office work
The work of sales office work is mainly the assistant task of sales representatives. The contents of the work are the main work such as ordering of goods, issuance of slips and invoices, telephone correspondence from customers etc. Depending on the type of industry, we may also create presentation materials for customers. In the case of overseas clients, it is necessary to use English for various exchange and document preparation.

What is required for this job is the ability to communicate and the accuracy of document preparation. Immediately understand what others want, if the catch-up ability is high, work will proceed smoothly. While valuing teamwork with sales representatives, you will also be asked for the ability to set up work.

What is the work content of general affairs
The job of general affairs refers to the affairs of the workplace and general affairs of the workplace. The content of the work is various, such as document preparation such as documents and contracts, telephone / visitor reception, mail reception, sorting of mail items, filing data aggregation, and so on.

What you will need for this job is communication skill and attentiveness. As skills, it is necessary to acquire the minimum necessary business manners for telephone correspondence ability, Excel · Word skill, visitor response. Also, as many jobs are asked from various people in the workplace, it is important skills to assign priority and prioritize the schedule management ability to respond to a wide range of detailed work.

The common thing to both is that it is a job suitable for people who like to support people. It is not a conspicuous job, but being appreciated by people and customers at the workplace is one of the great rewarding of this work. If we are able to grasp the whole thing so that work in the workplace goes smoothly and become able to recognize what is necessary now and move, it will be more fun to work.

مشاوره انتخاب نام مناسب برند انتخاب بهترین نام برای برند

نام‌ برند نام تجاری 

Benefits of regular employees and benefits of temporary staff

Modern times where you can choose a variety of ways of working. Looking at a short span, it seems that there is not much difference between regular workers and temporary workers in terms of how to work, but each has its own merit difference.

Benefits of regular employees


Benefits of regular employees and benefits of temporary staff

A permanent employee is an indefinite employment contract. A big merit is that it can work steadily for a long time. Generally, companies can not lay off regular employees unless there is a good reason. In addition, because evaluation such as pay raise and bonus is sometimes leading to income, it is also easy to have motivation for work. Besides this, it is also a major point that you can receive allowance for company regulations such as housing allowance and benefits. Sometimes social status is guaranteed.


Benefits of temporary staff

Temp staff will be contracts for work. Terms of work, work hours, period, conditions such as salary are prescribed by the contract, and the contract will be terminated after the period is over. The period of service may be several years after renewing the contract, but there are also periods limited for several months or so. As an advantage, you should be able to work in your desired job category and location. I do not need to do anything other than the contract work, because there is no change, I can do one job professionally. Based on your career plan, you can skill up at various companies. It can also choose whether to work overtime, it isalso a feature that it is easy to take a work-life balance . For salaries, it seems that monthly take-up is often relatively higher than full-time employees.

What is "How I Work"

Both regular employees and temporary staff have merits. Want to emphasize stability and get evaluations from the company, do you want to secure results other than work during the time and contract, to match their own lifestyle and life plan You can understand and select. Why do not you think about what you are asking for yourself?

Sales promotion business and rewarding

Support products and services "to sell more"

The job of supporting various points so that goods and services can be sold more is sales promotion (sales promotion) work. What kind of work do you do specifically? 
Broadly speaking, sales promotion is to encourage products, services to be sold to the manufacturer (own company), seller (wholesaler / retailer), and user. This time, I will introduce the work content of sales promotion and the wide scope involved in this work.


sales promotion

Close to the work content of sales promotion!

· Sales promotion work content It is sales promotion to work
on products and services to the three creators, sellers, and users. Now that many products and services are on the market, it is often that there is a limit even if only sales and sales are working hard. It is this job to support it from behind and encourage the three parties to circulate goods and services well.

In our company as a manufacturer, we will "hold incentive schemes, contests, seminars, etc. for awareness and knowledge improvement" to employees in charge of sales and sales. For wholesale / retailing which is the seller, in order to urge users to take actions such as "to provide advertisement tools and dispatch salespeople to increase sales force", "to raise awareness of purchasing motivation and product / service familiarity" to users , Campaign and sampling, sale, premium, novelty etc will be carried out. It is a challenging task in the sense that you can see the results directly, there is a response.

· Seminars
specialized in skills & career advance are also held by utilizing seminars . In the seminar, you can learn a wide range of ideas and perspectives necessary for sales promotion, methods necessary for planning planning, how to assemble presentations and exercises. It includes not only lectures but also practice, so you will gain a living experience.

Pipe connecting the three parties with goods and services

Supporting sales and sales staff from behind like this, sales promotion is becoming a role as a pipe connecting manufacturers, sellers, and users with products and services. This work has the challenge of being able to directly sense the response, it is characteristic of a wide range of business contents, it can be said that it is a very profound job.

قیف فروش

What is the work content of production control? Required Skills

What is the role of "production control"?

"Production control" is to manage the system so that products can be shipped properly based on the plan. However, it is not just the plan and actual situation about actual products to manage. Manufacturing that actually makes things and sales that sells things, we also make adjustments for these two people. In other words, "product administrator" is the production control which manages the total management as to whether things are made and come to market, and the proper numbers are shipped properly.

Business contents of "Production control" and required skills

· Operation contents of production management
We will start planning production from sales plan etc. 
Based on that, we will decide supplier of raw materials, price negotiation / delivery date management · inventory control, assign workers, process control, quality control and so on. 
If you are manufacturing multiple products, you are also required to respond flexibly, such as changing the process depending on inventory status and changes in priorities. 
Recently, there seems to be a demand from market research to the planning, design and sales plan of new products.The ability to make use of the awareness of this product to the next product is being demanded because it is the position that actually manufactures products.

If this work is expressed in a word "the commander tower". It is a job of doing various management from the detailed part "it makes appropriate judgment from the situation changing every time" to the whole part such as "whether it is going all as planned". For example, it is the director of the sports team. It is necessary to grasp the whole and issue appropriate instructions.

· Required Skills and Viable Experiences The skills necessary for
production management are management and response skills, ability to predict and analyze information. We can make use of management experience about what and how to sell without over-production. Also, as circumstances often change, such as unpredictable events that do not go as planned, there is a need for responding. It is very important to judge calmly, without moving in any situation. 
It also needs the ability to analyze information and predict. It is a very important part in management to grasp the current situation such as what kind of situations are present from the daily movements and the data so far and to predict how it will be in the future. It is also necessary to prepare in advance assuming various things and prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

"Production management" is a challenging occupation to be involved from the beginning to the end of the product

Production management is a challenging occupation. Because we manage cost management, supplier selection, production planning, raw material management, production and shipping of products based on the sales plan, and strive to distribute products without delay. There will not be any other work that involves the product for a long time and looks to the end. 

Even in inexperienced employment is possible, but the number of recruitment is small. However, if you have experiencein manufacturing and purchasing , it will be appealing. First of all, it may be good to aim for employment after accumulating experience in manufacturing and purchasing.


What is "excessive efficiency" to impede the creation of brand value of the future "efficient management"

Last time I took up examples of "Blue Note" and "Tsuya bookstore" as a concrete example of "re - editing brand value". "Re-editing brand value" leads to a business strategy that creates customers of the future and creates the future of the company. However, shortly after the Lehman shock, the short-term performance-based policy may make it difficult to realize innovative strategic change and business concept. For this time, I would like to think about why re-editing is necessary by digging down from the aspect of management tasks of the company.

"Create a new brand value" = "Create a future business"
Mature society with no failure regardless of which product you choose. In such a period, many companies are entering a turning point of business as it becomes more difficult to build overwhelming brands with product power alone. In order to bring about a paradigm change from product-centered business to business centered on customer emotions, it is necessary to rebuild the brand that fosters a connection with consumers.

One of the solutions for that was "re-editing brand value" mentioned in the last article. By re-editing stocks of value accumulated in companies and brands, this is to shake the emotions of new generations that have not turned to products until now, evoke new actions. If we can change this behavior to sales, we can also see the possibility of business leading to the future.

Factors that inhibit new value creation are "excessive efficiency" management
Many Japanese long-selling brands have grown by offering good products to the world. However, despite the fact that the era of being chosen only by performance is over, many enterprises have not been working on the review, despite entering a new era in which to review the business model that has been continuous and continuous, It seems that there are many companies focusing on "how to sell products of the product to customers".

There are many people feeling stalemate, why can not we move on?
I think that one of the major factors is in short-sighted marketing and management symbolized by performance-based personnel and shareholders' capitalism.

As a result of thorough and efficient management after the Lehman shock in 2008, Japanese companies have secured profits by cutting waste. When a major change in the economic situation occurs, it is natural that you do not waste it by reexamining your past projects, and you should preferentially drop funds to those directly linked to sales and profits. However, at the same time it is also necessary to sow seeds of business that looks ahead. Because cost reduction and efficient management are the means, not the purpose.

However, if we look at the reality, it is likely that there are many cases where it is not possible to stand up to pursue short-term results and confront the transformation of innovative strategies and bold business strategies. I think that it is not only the company's site but the management layer, including the management side, that it is impossible to carry out the actions / measures that considered the future of the medium and long term, and it may be a structural problem of the Japanese society now.

■ Efficiency Management objectives = Management evaluation focusing on measurable indicators · KPI
diagram A


■ Efficiency Management Sneaked = Brand Value Creation of the Future


What are the factors that determine the value of the brand in the future?

It is a comfortable season, and women who enjoy fashionable autumn stand out. Long skirts such as pleats, plain wide pants, straight and slim denim .... The bottoms of women in their 20s to 40s in the city are diverse. There is nothing much that jumps out, and every bottom looks almost the same proportion.

Some people are conscious of the trend, others because they have more emphasis on what suits them better than that. I hear that skeletal diagnosis that leads designs and materials to match from 'texture of body and character of line born with' is topic. It seems that consumption trends focusing on my taste and lifestyle are getting more and more advanced.

After the emphasis on "freshness" in the rise of fast fashion, there was also a topic such as the tide of "Nome core" and the book "Frenchman has only 10 clothes", the "slow" orientation also expanded. This autumn fashion has different glossiness from 'Ultimate Normal', but it seems to inherit the norm core and slow orientation, seeking quality and goodness on the material and detail.

Manufacturer Retail industry type was the mainstream fashion industry. What has been emphasized was MD (product development plan) of what, when, and how much to put in. Improvement of accuracy of MD is indispensable for enhancing profitability. Is not it the most important element to decide the value of the brand, a polite product plan that should be the premise of MD, what to make and how to make it.

ارزش برند

the price of Web Site

When developing or renewing the WEB site, the most concerned is "price".

When asking a web production company for estimates, there are cases where a difference of several hundred thousand yen is produced from hundreds of thousands of yen. Therefore, the voice of the person in charge of WEB who feels that it is not understood why this difference is born, what criteria should be chosen is often asked.

Various factors are involved in the quotation of WEB production. Just because you got the cheapest estimate, if you choose the production company easily, you can cause troubles such as additional costs to be incurred later or not being able to obtain the desired product.

Here, we will explain in detail the points to be noticed when estimating from the way of determining the price of web production.


decide the price of web production. Quotation method and 4 points to check

WEB production cost is not quoted

As a premise, there is no market price for Web production. When searching on the Internet, information on the market price comes out, but this is only calculated based on the minimum cost necessary for web production, such as design and coding.

Why is not the market price of Web production cost fixed? 
The reason for this is that the conditions necessary for the development of the WEB site are largely different, depending on factors such as the purpose, scale, required function, delivery date, production system, etc. of the WEB site, which can not be said unconditionally.

Therefore, in order to know the Web production cost, accurately clarify the conditions such as "what purpose web site should be produced, what kind of specifications should be produced indefinitely," and accurately estimate the web production company There is no choice but to take.

However, even if you ask for a quotation after deciding the specifications, there are cases where the amount presented varies greatly depending on the web production company. This difference arises as a result of differing ways of deciding prices depending on the company and different judgment as to how to construct the WEB site.

Four points to be confirmed with the estimation method of web production

So, what kind of point should you be aware of when asking for quotes on web production?

There are four points to be confirmed: "factors determining the estimated price" "difference in estimation method" "breakdown of estimate" "what should be considered in estimation".

From here, let's take a closer look at each point.

1. Three factors that determine the estimated price of web production

Estimated prices for web production are determined primarily based on three factors. By understanding these factors correctly, it becomes easier to understand the estimate contents.

1-1. Production system

It is the production system of the web production company that most affects the estimated price. There are two types of regime, "Outsourcing system" and "In-house production system", each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

The outsourcing system is a system where the web production company carries out the direction and actual production is ordered from a partner company or freelance outside the company. Because it is possible to assign optimal members according to the requirements of the project, it is an advantage that you can broaden the range of correspondence.

On the other hand, there are many cases in which extrinsic expenses and margins are added to a large extent, so the estimated price tends to be set higher. Also, since we will communicate with the subcontractor with the web production company in between, we may not be able to produce the deliberate idea unless we convey accurate information.

The in-house production system is a system that all employees of web production companies, from direction to production, do. Relatively price negotiations are also easy, and there are many cases where you can flexibly respond to modifications.

Meanwhile, since production is done by the staff inside the company, the skill is fixed, and there are disadvantages that the range of suggestions and output tends to narrow.

It is important to select a web production company with a suitable structure according to the scale of the web production and budget.

1-2. Accuracy of planning

The accuracy of planning also greatly affects the estimate price.

"We would like to make 20 pages of web site" and "We wanted to create 20 page worth of corporate website for the purpose of requesting documents, introduce CMS, operate on our own media and IR information by ourselves Let's say there was a request to "I want to go." If it is a rough estimate request like the former, the width of the system development specification will be too wide, so we can not expect an accurate estimate. By notifying the requirement and the image of the site in detail as in the latter, you can get estimates for products that are close to ideal.

Besides, are the manuscripts to be posted on the homepage new or created? In that case, the price fluctuates also depending on role assignment planning such as whether the ordering side creates it or the production side creates it.

Even for images, the amount will change dramatically when shooting by a professional photographer and when using image material (rental positive), when using free material, when shooting at the orderer side.

At the quotation stage, what kind of web site is produced and for that purpose what is necessary is specifically clarified, so that it becomes a highly accurate estimate.

1-3. Calculation method of production content

If it is a small scale web production, the estimated price is calculated by the unit price of design per page and coding / development expenses.

However, if the project is a long-term project with a development period of several months, we must secure resources for the personnel involved in the project for that period of time. Therefore, the estimated price will be determined by how many people work for how long.

This is called man-hour, and it is expressed in units of one person day (person's labor cost per person) and one person month (labor cost per month per person).

Next, I will explain in detail about these unit prices.

2. There are two kinds of estimation methods for web production

As mentioned above, there are two types of unit price calculation methods for web production. It is important to understand each feature, merit and demerit, and select a more suitable web production company.

2-1. Unit price per page

When you create a small web site, it is often the estimate of the page unit price. 
It is an image of things with less update frequency and few pages, like a web site that publishes information on a single landing page to be used in WEB promotion and information on restaurants and hairdressers.

In the estimate of the page unit price, it is calculated by multiplying the unit cost of design cost and coding cost by the number of pages. In addition to that, the direction cost and image material cost etc may be generated. Basically it is a low price, it tends to be able to deal with short term delivery.

Although it is a simple and easy to estimate method, on the contrary, it means that the production side is responsible only for tasks within the specified range. I can not respond to requests such as "I first said this, but I made this function after all". Regarding function change and correction, we will separately make estimates and pay additional costs.

Since design and coding which are good at WEB production company are different, by judging based on the production result etc., it will be finished as ideal deliverables.

2-2. Unit cost per unit

Projects such as large scale WEB development and system renewal are often estimates of man-hour unit price. 
It is an image of a dynamic and large-scale site where conversion occurs like an EC site or job information site.

In the estimate of the unit cost, we will calculate the working time for each process or job type, and decide the price based on the man-hours involved in them. Since the contents described by the author's rule are different, you will receive the impression that it is unclear and hard to understand.

However, there are many uncertainties when it comes to large-scale web production, and it is extremely difficult to accurately identify work contents at the estimation stage. Therefore, by describing man-hours for each process and job type, it also means that it corresponds to uncertainty factors that can occur at the time of production.

In the situation with many uncertainties, the web production company will submit an estimate that gives room for the man-hours, taking into account all risks and possibilities. Therefore, there is a possibility that an amount higher than expected may be presented.

It is important to determine the detailed specifications as much as possible at the estimation stage so as to eliminate discrepancies in recognition between the client and the producer. Let's do our best, such as having the web production company prepare a proposal, or by matching preliminary meetings.

3. Breakdown of expenses incurred in Web-based production

In the estimate of web production, man-hours and expenses for various items are stated. I will explain five representative items here, so let's understand the contents of each and make sure the estimate is correctly judged.

3-1. Direction Cost

Operating consideration of WEB director is the direction cost.

The WEB Director is a human resource managing project progress, and it has a wide range of subjects such as project planning, specification formulation, contact point with the customer side, participation in meetings, work instructions to designers and programmers, schedule management, etc. I will cross.

Since it is not actually creating a website, it may seem that the WEB director is not necessary, but if this position is not prepared, the project will collapse.

First of all, designers and programmers can not undertake work without knowing what to do in order to make it the desired web site. If we pursue development based solely on a rough request, it will be a deliberate deliverable that does not achieve its purpose. And because schedule management can not be done, the possibility that the delivery date will be delayed greatly increases.

The role of WEB director becomes more important as the scale of development increases, and the direction cost is generally recorded between 10% and 30% of production cost.

If you judge that the direction cost is high and negotiate a discount, the web director will shorten the time involved in the project, so please be aware that the quality of the deliverable may be lowered.

3-2. Design Production Cost

Operating consideration of the web designer is design creation cost.

Working widths are wide, such as formulating the screen composition of the web site, creating the design of the entire site, creating logo and button designs.

WEB design is the best element to decide the impression of the site. No matter how wonderful information is posted, if design is difficult to see or it is not cool, no one will access it. Let's judge by focusing on whether ideal deliverables will be completed rather than judging by only the amount.

In design, the taste that we are good at by web designers varies greatly. Let's choose a production company that can make the best design to fulfill the purpose of the web site by requesting a competition or comparing the production results.

3-3. Front end development fee

Operating consideration of web designers and programmers is front-end development cost.

The front end is the screen that the user sees on the browser. We will finish the design created by the web designer on a web page using HTML, css, java script.

Depending on the browser such as IE and Chrome and its version, the implementation method for correctly running is different. Therefore, as the number of target browsers and versions increases, the difficulty level increases and the cost increases.

With access analysis tools such as Google Analytics, you can invest cost-effectively by checking the user's browser and version share ratio and deciding which browser to handle.

3-4. Back-end development cost

Operating consideration of programmers and system engineers is back-end development cost.

Back end is programming that performs processing to run the WEB system. Using a programming language such as PHP and C language, we will build a correctly moving WEB site.

Let me give an example that makes the image a little easier. I can do shopping at the EC site because I develop it at the back end. If it is only the front end, it is like a catalog showing only images and explanations of products. Because there is development of the back end, it is possible to put items in the shopping cart, enter credit card information, and purchase it.

As the number of functions you want to implement increases, the more you estimate the higher the estimate, so you have to carefully select the really necessary requirements. In addition, there are cases where there are multiple mounting methods with the same function, so if you want to keep costs down, you may want to ask WEB director or system engineer to present an alternative.

3-5. Browser verification fee

The cost of checking whether the completed web site runs correctly on the browser is the browser verification cost.

Bugs found in browser verification will be revised again. As long as there are not much bug fixes, no additional cost will be taken.

Although it is correctly displayed on Chrome, there are many cases in web production that IE collapses occurred in IE. If the display collapses or does not work properly, the created web site will not make sense. Therefore, you should schedule the verification period and correction period beforehand with a margin.

4. Two points to consider when estimating Web production

In WEB production, I can not say that it is entirely up to the production company. The ordering side takes responsibility and cooperates and progresses, and the product with high quality is made for the first time.

In the estimate of web production, eyes tend to be as much as about production cost, but let's move on considering the next two points.

4-1. Internal work volume related to web production

The greater the scale of development, the greater the internal workload on the partner side. In the case of developing a large-scale site from scratch or full renewal, the person in charge will be obvious to the case for several months. Also, if you are preparing manuscripts or pictures on the side of the seller, you will need to deal with them as well.

Besides, there is a possibility that the printing cost of printing the site URL on the business card or the catalog, the operation cost after the renewal, and the running cost are also necessary.

In this way, it is necessary to take into account beforehand how much influence will be generated by web-based production, resources and budget corresponding to it can be secured.

4-2. Adaptability of server and development environment

There is no problem when newly acquiring a server and developing WEB, but when renewing an existing WEB site, you have to keep some caution.

If you think that you want to introduce CMS and tools, it can happen that the server can not be introduced because it is not recommended environment. By notifying the type of server accurately to the production company, it is possible to prevent troubles during installation.

In addition, the development environment will change depending on which programming language the existing web site uses. If you ask a company different from the one you created last time, let's also tell what language you are using.


I think that you can see that the price of the web site is decided based on various factors. 
By estimating as much as possible as detailed requirements as possible, reducing the discrepancy in recognition with the production company, you will be able to calculate the exact cost. 
Also, the production company to choose according to the development content will differ. Since there are strengths and weaknesses for each production company, let's judge comprehensively from the production system and achievements, and select it. 
And do not forget that costs that are invisible to web production will occur. Taking troublesome internal work into account and keeping human resources and budget prevents problems.

WEB site that will achieve company goals and contribute to sales improvement. Let's cooperate with the production company and finish it to a good site!

ارزشگذاری وب سایت

What is Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)

【What is Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)】
We will explain "Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)" this time.


By reading this chapter, you can learn what human resource management is and understand its purpose.


According to the terms of human resources management, here we consider members of the corporate organization as " human resources ".


Resources for corporate organizations create new value by combining with other resources.


As explained in " What is an Organization " as explained in the section on " What is an Organization ", when managing a person as a resource, the principle of management's management is "how to utilize human resources", that is, It will be how to combine according to.


Human resources can be said to be human resources who create value for enterprises by effectively combining it with other management resources such as goods, money, and information.


In managing a corporate organization, it can not be separated from the internal and external environment of a company.


There are various people (stakeholders) in stakeholders surrounding corporate organizations, ranging from labor unions and shareholders to local residents.


Naturally, even when managing human resources, it is necessary to take into account the impact on the stakeholders involved in the organization.


Regarding human resource management, it can be roughly divided into three phases.


The first is " inflow " including employment of human resources , the
second is " internal flow " related to promotion and human resources development, and the
third is " outflow " concerning employee retirement .


What is Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)


In human resources management, we will take into consideration the impact on stakeholders, manage the relationship between companies and people and make decisions in the above three aspects.


I will explain each aspect in detail in future articles.


These human resources management decisions are not made solely by personnel officials, but all members of the organization are involved, including line managers.


We are making decisions concerning human resources management regarding decision making in various aspects, such as manufacturing, sales and management that are constantly being carried out among companies.


Within that corporate organization, unless all people understand these various activities, it can not be said that it is impossible to construct an appropriate human resource management system with consistency in the company organization.


In other words, even if experts and specialized departments are involved as the sole executing unit for each individual problem, such as recruitment of personnel, evaluation system, organization development, etc., taking overall consistency within the system It is difficult to do, it will be difficult to respond consistently.


Traditionally, in many of Japanese corporate organizations, the Human Resources department has powerful authority, so in the field of Human Resource Management, only various functions such as "collective recruitment", "arrangement", "education" and "evaluation" It tends to be close up.


However, organizations are a group of people, and human resource management is the most important core for implementing corporate management strategies.


For this reason, members of the HR department, managers and other workplaces need to play an active role, from strategy planning to implementation, together with the business planning department.


In other words, the objectives of human resources management are ( 1) "recruit and select excellent talent" , ( 2) "manage appropriate promotion and salary increase" , (3) "motivate employees through rewards (or compensation) and incentives" By doing so, you can say that it is in "effectively utilizing human resources and cultivating it".


What is Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)


The following three points are important for that purpose.



1. Understanding the business situation


2. Meet the needs of employees and keep fairness at all times


3. Staff and managers other than Personnel Department actively understand this opportunity and structure and participate in decision making



These three points are the essence of human resources.