How to proceed with corporate (company) branding and methods-2: Organize a cross-section project team

If you've made the decision, you'll be organizing a cross-functional project. Here are the steps I would like to hold down in project organization.

  • Organize a p


    How to proceed with corporate

    roject team
  • Do a project kickoff
  • Do a noming session
  • Hold a corporate branding study session

Let's explain the points below.

Organize a Corporate Branding Project Team

Since corporate branding is an enterprise-wide effort, it will be necessary to organize project teams across divisions. If you have decided on the implementation of "Corporate Branding", let's start to create a project team.

What kind of people should be asked and what kind of methods should be asked frequently when organizing a project team? It is. The view of k_bird is as follows.

What kind of human resources should you recruit in corporate branding?

The first condition is, "Whether you are a person who can make a company-wide perspective instead of being a department representative."

The corporate branding project takes on the "totally optimal" color, such as "Social purpose for your company" and "Consistent attitude toward it". And "global optimization" sometimes involves making decisions that sacrifice "parts".

This is particularly noticeable for conglomerate companies that develop multiple businesses, but when it comes to "social purpose" and "consistent attitude toward it", it is easy to become a discussion such as "applicable to own department, not applicable". As a result, it is "there is" that the discussion burns up along parallel lines.

Therefore, when inviting project members, be sure to include "manpower who has an overall optimum viewpoint" as a condition.

The second condition is "Whether it is human resources who can make a medium- and long-term perspective."

Unfortunately, there are two types of companies, those who can capture things only in the "concrete talk in front of the eyes" and those who can capture things "in the medium and long term, broadly".

And because corporate branding is a project that looks forward to five years and ten years from now, rather than talking about tomorrow today, it will not be over-the-counter in "current sales" and "immediate profit", but "oversight" over the medium to long term Is required.

The third condition is "whether the person is highly aware of the problem with the way the company is."

"Human resources with high awareness of problems" tend to smoke as "dissatisfied molecules" or "critic molecules" in the organization. However, “dissatisfaction” and “criticism” are the manifestation of expectations and aspirations that “I want you to really exist” if you turn it back, and a strong mission when lighting up in a project like corporate branding I often feel a sense of doing big things.

The larger a company is, the more likely it is that in an organization people who are skilled in "coordination ability" are valued.

However, "Corporate Branding" aims at "Corporate-wide change", and it can not be done with just the ability to adjust the opinions of people in a simple manner.

With internal resistance to change, some people with "strong problem awareness" and "hard convictions" are essential in order not to get rid of corporate branding.

The following types are also suitable for corporate branding projects.

  • Human resources who can enjoy the situation itself rather than the chaotic situation itself, enjoy it, enliven it yourself, choosing what you think is best for you from time to time
  • A human resource who can calmly judge that their company, organization, and business take a step back and analyze, "Good place is good" and "Changed place should be changed"

However, human resources are always scarce, so in reality the project will bring up "people who can lead the whole company". Even if you don't have much knowledge, it is desirable to have positive people who have guts

On the other hand, people who are anxious if everything is not organized or who can not do work without giving instructions do not have much knowledge or ability to become a force.

What kind of method should corporate personnel use to collect human resources?

If the company is not so large, it is desirable for the project members to be called a pole fisherman whose management is expected to say "This is it!" This is because "having the best overall perspective", "foreseeing the medium- and long-term", and "people with high awareness of issues" are often talented people, and the leaders of each business want to put out people for fear of "holes" It's not there.

If you read this far, you should know that "Department Director Recommendation" is a bad idea that is not recommended.

Because if it is "Department Director Recommendation", each department director will send out "surplus personnel" that will not affect their own department. As a result, the project members are only those who say "I came because I was told, but what should I do?" And fell into a state of "only you thinking seriously about corporate branding."

In addition, if the company size is large and it is difficult for "one-handed fishing", it is recommended that a process of "determination by interview" be added after "public offering".

When it comes to "open call", it is assumed that highly motivated personnel gather, but some of them are "Please let me study through the project". However, the corporate branding project is not a passive place of "providing study" but a proactive place of "making change with their own hands".

"Motivation to study" itself is a wonderful attitude, but in order to complete a corporate branding project, each project member is required to have "a sense of mission" and "subjectivity". The reason why the process of “consulting” is required after “open call” is to identify the “subjectivity” of applicants.

k_bird is generally intended to confirm the following suitability.

  • This project will be carried out concurrently with your current work. It is physically tough mentally work but can it endure?
  • This project is not "where you study" but "where you volunteer". Knowledge comes later. It is important to be independent but is there a desire to "contribute independently"?
  • There is no fixed way in this project. Therefore, since it will think and decide "the way of itself" by itself, twists and turns are inevitable. Are you still ready to participate?
  • It's a very tough project, but when you're done, you should have grown dramatically.

Furthermore, as for the department where the project members are from, it is desirable to select people across departments in anticipation of the development of brand penetration.

Do a project kickoff

Once the project members have been selected, the project members will be gathered together and the project kickoff will be conducted. The project kickoff agenda is roughly as follows.

  • Greetings and enthusiasm of project owner (preferably top management)
  • Explanation of background, role and goal of corporate branding project
  • Explanation of approach, task and schedule to reach the goal
  • Explanation of project structure
  • Confirming date and time of future meeting

In project kick-off, the participation of the project owner (top management) is essential. There are two reasons.

The first is, as you can imagine, to inspire project members.

If the top management beats the shoulder of each person saying "Do not ask" at the project kick-off, from the perspective of the project members, "the top management who had been above the clouds has been entrusted to me" Have a feeling. This effect is actually greater than the top management thinks. The experience of "expected by top management" is a major driving force for project promotion.

The second is the arbitrage effect on "superior superiors of project members".

Unfortunately, the better the members sent out of their own department, the more "big holes" will be seen by their superiors. Therefore, there are bosses who do not feel comfortable with the project.

However, when it comes to the "Cultivate Project" right below the top management, it is difficult to say that the complaints made by the immediate superiors are also outstanding. Rather, it even works to calculate that "If you support actively, you might benefit."

This way, the corporate branding project can be excited from the start if you can create a composition that "the motivation of project members is increased" and "the bosses in the field also support you". This is the reason why "the participation of top management is essential" at the project kickoff.

Hold a Noming Session

"Noming session" may be a word that can not be heard, but it refers to "a mechanism for building a team in a short period of time and enhancing the team's sense of unity".

When becoming a large company, the members gathered in the corporate branding project are often "first meeting each other". So to speak, "everyone is stranger".

And in order to become "a team with a sense of unity" from "a stranger to each other", it is said that the following process is followed.

  1. Forming (in formation period): A
    state in which each person can not fully understand each other's "being a person". "I wonder if you say something like that?" The leader is an appointed leader and members are waiting for instructions.
  2. Storming (Confusion): As
    you get used to the air of the claiming stage space, the claims of each member begin to appear. Comments such as "I think like this" and "I think so is not so" frequently occur, the opinion is not settled, and the productivity of the project is greatly reduced.
  3. Norming (standard period):
    Understand the values, characters, or circumstances of each other at the normative stage , and implicitly establish the rules of the team. "Ok, breathe" such as "OK, finish" starts to be established, and members start to move autonomously.
  4. Transforming:
    "Culture" and "Solidity" begin to be born within the cohesion phase project team. 
    At this stage, "Our team is ..." and "Our way is ... ..." and so on, implicitly speaking begins on the premise of "belonging to a team".

If you are keen, you may have noticed that the longer the “Forming” phase and the “Storming” phase, the longer the project productivity will decrease.

The “Noming Session” is an effort to shorten “Forming” and “Storming” as much as possible, and aim to shift to “Norming”.

The heart of the "Noming Session" is how to make each member self-disclosure. Therefore, after the project kick-off, often there will be a "place of casual, true-sound based communication" as early as possible.

کلینیک دندانپزشکی دکتر اختری Business Plan طرح توجیهیمدیریت. برند فروشگاه اینترنتی لوازم خانگیمدیریت.

At that time, I have you talk frankly not only "I'm betting on a project" or "I'm good at it (I want you to ask you)" but also "I'm weak at it (I want everyone to follow you)" It is effective to make them show their weaknesses.


How to proceed with corporate (company) branding and methods

If you are reading this commentary, you may be keenly aware of the need for corporate branding for some reason.



On the other hand, corporate branding is not "your department's efforts" but "company-wide efforts", so it is difficult to make decisions if you do not approve it after capturing "company-wide mood".

The timing at which “corporate branding” decisions are easy to pass according to k_bird's experience is roughly as follows.

The timing of the presidents

When the president to change, almost without exception, the new policy is shown. In particular, at the timing when the founding president touches the second generation president, "Corporate branding" is often cited as one of the new policies for the young second generation president. 
However, in the case of the second-generation president, because "my company is not noticeable" and so on, it may be a feeling of meeha, so I want to carefully check the background and intent.

The timing of the new medium-term management plan

When faced with "in-house issues" at the timing of new mid-term plan formulation, "corporate branding" is often considered as one of the solutions to the issues.

Anniversary of timing

When a company reaches its anniversary, "thank for your patronage of the past" and "declaration for the future" are considered. There is a case where "corporate branding" is considered as the turning point.

The timing of the listing

The case where "corporate branding" is widely considered for "society" and "stakeholders" as "public works of society" triggered by listing.

The timing of the merger

In the case of corporate mergers, different corporate cultures become one, and it is necessary to change the company name itself, so "corporate branding" is often considered.

The timing of when the business expansion

In this case, as the business size has expanded and the number of human resources has increased rapidly, the mission and aspiration at the time of founding have been diluted within the organization. Often suddenly enlarged venture companies.

The timing of the turnaround

In some cases, corporate branding is considered in order to enhance the morale of the remaining employees after carrying out major restructuring due to poor performance.

Timing at which the gap of the company name and the business reality is increased

Although it was a single business at the time of establishment, the range of business has expanded after that, and as a result the gap between the company name and business reality has become larger, the case where "corporate branding" is considered.

Timing at which the company name or company logo has become not fit the era

Although we have continued to use the company name and logo as a so-called "brand name" since our founding age, anyone sees it as "oldish" and "corporate branding" is considered as part of the rebuilding of "VI: visual identity" Case.

Internationalization timing

In the case of considering internationalization, the trademark barrier is added to "company name" and "company logo" and "corporate branding" is considered as a part of rebuilding "VI: visual identity".

When is it difficult to hire people

In each year, it is difficult to hire human resources, and "corporate branding" is considered as part of "recruitment branding." Especially in BtoB companies.

Corporate branding is a very useful way to solve many business issues. However, it is self-evident that even if you draft "Corporate Branding" at the same time that "Corporate Feeling" is removed, you will not see the light of day.

Furthermore, once the proposed corporate branding is rejected, steaming it back requires considerable energy. Therefore, when drafting "Corporate Branding", let's put "Corporate-wide momentum" on the sidelines by observing the above timing.

کلینیک دندانپزشکی دکتر اختری Business Plan طرح توجیهیمدیریت. برند فروشگاه اینترنتی لوازم خانگیمدیریت.


What is Corporate Branding? Meaning of Corporate Branding and All Methods | Case Study

If you arrive at this blog, you will have an interest in "Corporate branding" or "Corporate branding" for some reason. But at the same time, do you not feel that "corporate branding strategy is abstract" or "I do not know what to start with?"


Corporate branding differs from brand marketing in that there is no “convenient sale” such as a product or service. Furthermore, while brand marketing is the subject of "marketing-related departments" and "everyday operations", corporate branding is a story that "includes the whole company" and "looks ahead five or ten years ahead". More complex.

So that's a question for you. What is the purpose of the corporate branding strategy in the first place?

Everything is made up of purpose and means. If you understand "Corporate Branding Strategy" after understanding "What is the purpose of Corporate Branding Strategy in the first place", then it is a shortcut to understand Corporate Brand Strategy.

If you wondered what the purpose of your corporate branding strategy is, even if you were confused for a moment, please read this commentary to the end.

If you proceed with corporate branding while understanding is vague, you will end up with superficial results such as "change the logo design of the company" and "change the slogan of the company", and the results will not be clear.

If you are interested in "corporate branding" and want to make your company's corporate branding successful, I hope this article will help.


Unlike brand marketing, "corporate branding" is an enterprise-wide effort. And, of course, to be successful in corporate branding, if you and all project members promoting corporate branding do not understand "What is corporate branding?"

However, it is also true that there are many misconceptions in "Corporate Branding". The following are some common misconceptions:

  • Corporate branding is a method of improving the corporate image.
  • Corporate branding is about changing company names and logo designs into something new and matching them with the times.
  • Our company is a serious company. You don't need to have something like corporate branding.
  • As our company is a B2B company, corporate branding is not necessary.

If you are appointed project leader for "Corporate Branding", you will soon be annoyed by the "people with misunderstandings" as described above.

Unfortunately, "branding" is an abstract concept and there is a lot of room for interpretation. Therefore, the “Corporate Branding Project” will proceed with each misinterpretation, and “differences in interpretation” will be revealed later, and there will always be cases of confusion.

As with any project, if there is no match between the project members in the first place and the purpose (the direction to be aimed), the project will never be in line.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is to have a common understanding among project members on "What is corporate branding ?: Stand up point" and "What is the purpose of corporate branding: goal".


I am sorry for the sudden question, but does the company to which you belong have "business goals"?

Although k_bird has been in contact with many companies up to now, almost all companies have set “corporate goals”. In particular, listed companies often have corporate goals such as "sales," "share," "operating profit," and "operating profit margin." Some companies that are more financially advanced have EBITDA, EVA, etc. set up.

If you are looking at this blog, you should firmly understand the medium-term management plan and have a "corporate goal" in mind. Let's ask the following questions to you.

"What is your company's corporate purpose?"

How would you answer if you were asked as above from "a stranger outsider"?

If you say, "The purpose of my company is to increase operating income to ¥ 100 billion," unfortunately, "a stranger outsider" will lose interest in your company. Because "the increase in your company's operating profit to 100 billion yen" is a story of another person for "a stranger outsider", and it is a matter of no matter what.

Then, replace the words "unknown outsider" in the text in the above paragraph with "society" or "a (potential) customer" and try reading again. You should notice something important.

There can be no "goal" without any "goal".

And it is as we have seen so far that if the company's purpose is put in "the operating profit of our company" etc., it will end in "a mere inward talk". The purpose of a company that should be essential must be positioned in relation to "society" and "potential customers".

And if you read this far, you should be aware that all the examples at the beginning are "misunderstandings".

  • Corporate branding is a method of improving the corporate image.
  • Corporate branding is about changing company names and company logo designs to something new.
  • You don't need to have something like corporate branding.
  • Corporate branding is not necessary for BtoB companies.


Once you understand the meaning of corporate branding, let's explain the purpose of corporate branding.

It goes without saying that “Corporate Branding” requires business results because it involves investment. However, corporate branding involves the difficulty of defining the purpose itself, as the target is "all stakeholders".

Therefore, k_bird is often described along the framework of the following "value chain".

The effect of "fund raising" by corporate branding

First of all, companies start with the "funding" that is their origin. Without funding from banks and stock markets, you can not even start a new business in the first place.

If you can show “your company's social purpose” and “consistent attitude toward it” through corporate branding, then your company is an empathy called “expected” or “trust” from banks and stock markets It will be possible to earn

As a result, banks and stock markets will feel more credible in the future of your company, and by lowering the cost of capital (= funding costs), it will be possible to raise funds in a favorable manner.

If you are keenly aware, this is what is called "IR effect" in corporate branding.

The effect of "human resources adoption" in corporate branding

Even if you can raise enough funds, business will not run unless you have enough people to carry out your business activities.

However, it is said that the labor force will decrease in Japan from now on and it will be difficult to adopt. The reality is that, at advertising agencies to which k_bird belongs, consultations centering on mid-sized companies and B to B companies on the theme of “recruitment” are rapidly increasing.

When it comes to "recruitment", it tends to be a short-term argument that "if a salary level is raised, good people will apply". However, in light of the experience we have seen at k_bird's foreign-funded consulting firm, "people who come for high rewards" are "people who leave for high rewards".

Moreover, really good high performers no longer consider their skills in the "monetary reward" dimension. Because we understand well that "the career life to pursue money is a career life governed by money."

True high performers are always thinking "What can we do with our skills?" And there are many people who judge the field on the basis of "whether there is a friend who can resonate with such values ​​and aspirations".

If you can indicate “your company's social purpose” and “consistent attitude toward it” through corporate branding, you should obtain the “resonance” empathy from the high performers in the human resources market. Becomes possible.کلینیک دندانپزشکی دکتر اختری


This is called "recruiting branding" in the branding world.

Effects of "organizational culture" in corporate branding

Even if you have enough people in your company, you will not be able to achieve business results unless each and every one of your employees is capable.

So that's a question for you. Employees say, "Our business is a business that brings operating income to ¥ 100 billion." Or "Our business is a business that makes the world a better place." Do you feel "proud" or "fulfillment"?

If you can show employees the "social purpose of your company" and "consistent attitude toward them" through corporate branding, you will obtain an empathy called "pride" from your employees It becomes possible.

This is called "inner branding" in the branding world.

Effects of "Marketing" on Corporate Branding

The last is the marketing effect of corporate branding.

If you stand as a potential customer, you are told, "Our company is a company aiming for an operating income of ¥ 1 billion." And "Our company makes society better through business. "A company that is aiming to change into a place," and which company do you have "resonance"?

If you can show potential customers the “social purpose your company exists” and “consistent attitude toward it” through corporate branding, your company will be named “resonant emotion” or “respected emotion” from potential customers. It is possible to gain empathy for

If two identical products with identical specifications and prices are lined up, which product is more likely to be selected for products that have resonant feelings and those that do not?

فروشگاه اینترنتی لوازم خانگی.

What kind of job is sales staff? What is different from general affairs?

When you are looking for jobs in clerical work, I think that you have seen the description of sales office and general affairs. What is the content of concrete work of sales office and general affairs and what is the difference? I will explain the contents of these two types of jobs that seem to be similar and have different meanings.


sales staff

What is the job description of sales office work
The work of sales office work is mainly the assistant task of sales representatives. The contents of the work are the main work such as ordering of goods, issuance of slips and invoices, telephone correspondence from customers etc. Depending on the type of industry, we may also create presentation materials for customers. In the case of overseas clients, it is necessary to use English for various exchange and document preparation.

What is required for this job is the ability to communicate and the accuracy of document preparation. Immediately understand what others want, if the catch-up ability is high, work will proceed smoothly. While valuing teamwork with sales representatives, you will also be asked for the ability to set up work.

What is the work content of general affairs
The job of general affairs refers to the affairs of the workplace and general affairs of the workplace. The content of the work is various, such as document preparation such as documents and contracts, telephone / visitor reception, mail reception, sorting of mail items, filing data aggregation, and so on.

What you will need for this job is communication skill and attentiveness. As skills, it is necessary to acquire the minimum necessary business manners for telephone correspondence ability, Excel · Word skill, visitor response. Also, as many jobs are asked from various people in the workplace, it is important skills to assign priority and prioritize the schedule management ability to respond to a wide range of detailed work.

The common thing to both is that it is a job suitable for people who like to support people. It is not a conspicuous job, but being appreciated by people and customers at the workplace is one of the great rewarding of this work. If we are able to grasp the whole thing so that work in the workplace goes smoothly and become able to recognize what is necessary now and move, it will be more fun to work.

مشاوره انتخاب نام مناسب برند انتخاب بهترین نام برای برند

نام‌ برند نام تجاری 

Benefits of regular employees and benefits of temporary staff

Modern times where you can choose a variety of ways of working. Looking at a short span, it seems that there is not much difference between regular workers and temporary workers in terms of how to work, but each has its own merit difference.

Benefits of regular employees


Benefits of regular employees and benefits of temporary staff

A permanent employee is an indefinite employment contract. A big merit is that it can work steadily for a long time. Generally, companies can not lay off regular employees unless there is a good reason. In addition, because evaluation such as pay raise and bonus is sometimes leading to income, it is also easy to have motivation for work. Besides this, it is also a major point that you can receive allowance for company regulations such as housing allowance and benefits. Sometimes social status is guaranteed.


Benefits of temporary staff

Temp staff will be contracts for work. Terms of work, work hours, period, conditions such as salary are prescribed by the contract, and the contract will be terminated after the period is over. The period of service may be several years after renewing the contract, but there are also periods limited for several months or so. As an advantage, you should be able to work in your desired job category and location. I do not need to do anything other than the contract work, because there is no change, I can do one job professionally. Based on your career plan, you can skill up at various companies. It can also choose whether to work overtime, it isalso a feature that it is easy to take a work-life balance . For salaries, it seems that monthly take-up is often relatively higher than full-time employees.

What is "How I Work"

Both regular employees and temporary staff have merits. Want to emphasize stability and get evaluations from the company, do you want to secure results other than work during the time and contract, to match their own lifestyle and life plan You can understand and select. Why do not you think about what you are asking for yourself?

Sales promotion business and rewarding

Support products and services "to sell more"

The job of supporting various points so that goods and services can be sold more is sales promotion (sales promotion) work. What kind of work do you do specifically? 
Broadly speaking, sales promotion is to encourage products, services to be sold to the manufacturer (own company), seller (wholesaler / retailer), and user. This time, I will introduce the work content of sales promotion and the wide scope involved in this work.


sales promotion

Close to the work content of sales promotion!

· Sales promotion work content It is sales promotion to work
on products and services to the three creators, sellers, and users. Now that many products and services are on the market, it is often that there is a limit even if only sales and sales are working hard. It is this job to support it from behind and encourage the three parties to circulate goods and services well.

In our company as a manufacturer, we will "hold incentive schemes, contests, seminars, etc. for awareness and knowledge improvement" to employees in charge of sales and sales. For wholesale / retailing which is the seller, in order to urge users to take actions such as "to provide advertisement tools and dispatch salespeople to increase sales force", "to raise awareness of purchasing motivation and product / service familiarity" to users , Campaign and sampling, sale, premium, novelty etc will be carried out. It is a challenging task in the sense that you can see the results directly, there is a response.

· Seminars
specialized in skills & career advance are also held by utilizing seminars . In the seminar, you can learn a wide range of ideas and perspectives necessary for sales promotion, methods necessary for planning planning, how to assemble presentations and exercises. It includes not only lectures but also practice, so you will gain a living experience.

Pipe connecting the three parties with goods and services

Supporting sales and sales staff from behind like this, sales promotion is becoming a role as a pipe connecting manufacturers, sellers, and users with products and services. This work has the challenge of being able to directly sense the response, it is characteristic of a wide range of business contents, it can be said that it is a very profound job.

قیف فروش

What is the work content of production control? Required Skills

What is the role of "production control"?

"Production control" is to manage the system so that products can be shipped properly based on the plan. However, it is not just the plan and actual situation about actual products to manage. Manufacturing that actually makes things and sales that sells things, we also make adjustments for these two people. In other words, "product administrator" is the production control which manages the total management as to whether things are made and come to market, and the proper numbers are shipped properly.

Business contents of "Production control" and required skills

· Operation contents of production management
We will start planning production from sales plan etc. 
Based on that, we will decide supplier of raw materials, price negotiation / delivery date management · inventory control, assign workers, process control, quality control and so on. 
If you are manufacturing multiple products, you are also required to respond flexibly, such as changing the process depending on inventory status and changes in priorities. 
Recently, there seems to be a demand from market research to the planning, design and sales plan of new products.The ability to make use of the awareness of this product to the next product is being demanded because it is the position that actually manufactures products.

If this work is expressed in a word "the commander tower". It is a job of doing various management from the detailed part "it makes appropriate judgment from the situation changing every time" to the whole part such as "whether it is going all as planned". For example, it is the director of the sports team. It is necessary to grasp the whole and issue appropriate instructions.

· Required Skills and Viable Experiences The skills necessary for
production management are management and response skills, ability to predict and analyze information. We can make use of management experience about what and how to sell without over-production. Also, as circumstances often change, such as unpredictable events that do not go as planned, there is a need for responding. It is very important to judge calmly, without moving in any situation. 
It also needs the ability to analyze information and predict. It is a very important part in management to grasp the current situation such as what kind of situations are present from the daily movements and the data so far and to predict how it will be in the future. It is also necessary to prepare in advance assuming various things and prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

"Production management" is a challenging occupation to be involved from the beginning to the end of the product

Production management is a challenging occupation. Because we manage cost management, supplier selection, production planning, raw material management, production and shipping of products based on the sales plan, and strive to distribute products without delay. There will not be any other work that involves the product for a long time and looks to the end. 

Even in inexperienced employment is possible, but the number of recruitment is small. However, if you have experiencein manufacturing and purchasing , it will be appealing. First of all, it may be good to aim for employment after accumulating experience in manufacturing and purchasing.